Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Looking like a Edsel again

While I was at Blackhawk this past weekend dad got motivated to get the Edsel in primer. With summer in full swing and the call of the river in dad's ear he decided to get the Edsel primer to help keep the bare metal from forming any rust and to make it look like something is being done.

He really got a lot of work done on it this past weekend. From the engine bay rearward on the frame was finished, coated, and painted black. Just some minor suspension work in the rear to do and then tear the front suspension out to be cleaned, sanded, painted and new bushing installed. With the body, full primer there out to cover things and protect them while it goes into the corner. We will have a busy month trying to get the Miata painted for Road America so that will take up most the free time. Hopefully come August we will be back in full swing on the Edsel.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Now that's Yellow

Edsel guru's will know the factory color for the E400 was yellow so this is no surprise to them but others may look and ask how much I was drinking when I choose that color. Ummmm, a lot, tons, enough to make me think it is just damn cool. Even sober I think it is a cool color. Then add the off-white valve covers and air cleaner and you have a color combo that isn't copied by anyone. Once I get the motor squared away and painted I'll have a nice pic before it is set on the frame.

Speaking of the frame, if all goes well we should throw some black on it today. Of course work will most likely ruin those plans. Dang work, need to do something about that ;)

Friday, June 16, 2006

41 fords are cool

41' Fords are cool. Yup, I said it, Ford is cool. Those words out of my mouth are rare indeed. Those that know me know I bleed bowtie. BUT, I appreciate fine automobiles, no matter their make or country of origin. There are many breeds I would love to have, and many I hope end up in the crusher. Though, this fine car I should think will never be there. Above is a customers 1941 Ford Super Deluxe. In for just some light work. It is in fantastic shape and just a joy to play with. Nice flathead V-8, smooth ride, and runs fantastic.

Great way to finish off a long hot week. Edsel work, not really anything to report, more frame scraping and cleaning, sandblasting and what-not. Fishing is fast approaching so dad will be focused on the boat soon enough.

It's beer-o-clock on a Friday, so time to say by!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Frame work

More frame work. It seems to be that this rear end is a replacement. We had a feeling it was when we cleaned it up and looked it over. Seems it is actually a rear end out of a 59' Ford, of some sort. Seals helped in what it was. So, going over the rear end, and rebuilding it is dad's little project he has going on the hoist in the above picture.

He also took a trip down to the Auto Ranch just south of Watertown and looked over the Edsel's they had in this salvage yard. Most where picked over pretty good but he did manage to find two good rear brake drums for $20 bucks each. Made the trip worth it.