Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Double duty

As summer creeps up on us at Willie's we both can sense that Edsel work will be on the back burner.

On the last weekend of April we headed down to Jefferson Fairgrounds for the annual swap meet. This year I only noticed ONE mannequin. I was amazed, usually there are a dozen guys who think that the mannequin they have is the key item a guy is looking for when he is restoring his old car.

For the Edsel, we did alright. Two hubcaps for $12, a driver mirror for $10, 1958 Edsel repair manual for $45 and a original owners manual for $45. I think we did ok.

My double duty will be helping out over at www.redheadracing.net with their blog. If you have the time check things out over there. Should be a fun season of road racing.


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