Friday, April 14, 2006

Half-assed update

Been catching flak from people, no updates. Well, nothing to update. The Edsel is still there, collection dust and wondering what we are doing leaving it alone. Work has been busy and summer has already hit in full force it seems.

Racing season is coming around the bend and that leads me to the picture above. has enlarged it 's fleet . Who is redheadracing you ask? Visit his webpages darn it. Just kidding, but really, visit them and you'll learn more. Shawn is a friend I meet threw the Madison Sports Car Club and he helped myself, and my brother's feet get wet autocrossing our bimmer. After that first year I have helped him out at the track where he road races his 95 Civic. This year, a sweet hauler was added to carry his Civic, a Spec Miata, and when it is done, a CRX all for road racing in the Midwest Council of Sport Car's races threwout the Midwest. Should be a fun year.


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