Friday, March 24, 2006

Fenders in primer

We have both front fenders in a first primer coat. Just to keep them from rusting out as it will be awhile before more work is done on them

The drivers turned out excellent considering it was a disasters to start with. Right around 60 hours of labor in the two fenders takes us to about 250 hours of work on the car so far.

Dad was nice enough to throw the gun in my hand to put the primer on. Which is pretty funny because when it comes to body work I couldn't hit my ass with both hands already on it. I just don't seem to have the touch like the old man does.

Next up we are going to get the trunk lid and hood squared away. Then, it's time to cut the back half off and start fitting our new-used section. I also hope the weather starts to warm up so I can take the frame outside and begin work. Which will involve pressure washing off the almost 50 years of mud and grime, then getting the sandblaster going to take it down to clean metal. Of course I will most likely get sidetracked like I usually do. With warm weather comes the itch to get the toys out.


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