Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rearend time

After a long treak to the great north. Ok, not the great north but North Branch, MN we have a new rear body section to install on the Edsel. Ours is a basketcase. Rust has taken its tool over the almost 50 years the car has been alive. The rear fenders, tubs, trunk floor, and rear splash where so bad that new pieces would have taken hundreds of hours to fabricate and install. Or just finding separate sections to install would have cost hundreds more to buy.

This new section is a beauty. Not any rust threw, and just some surface knicks and rust in areas that will take minimum time to repair. The other great thing is we scored a ton of miscellaneous parts including a gas tank and straps, valve covers, headlight buckets, heater controls and cables, and torsion bar assembly for the trunk.

Our host was also kind enough to let us walk threw a wonderful car collection he had. Just way to cool of a day.

By the way, the toilet at the Kwik Trip in Eau Claire sucks, don't use it, it will plug up, trust me.


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