Friday, February 03, 2006

The Doors

Ha, not the band. The doors, well, two of them anyway.

We've had a rough spell the last few weeks with the passing of Grandma on the 21nd of January, so the posts have been put off. We will miss Grandma greatly, and all the fun we had on the farm where the Edsel was stored.

Work has also keeped us busy but over the last few days dad has put some time in on the doors. Three of them right now, the driver front is so nice he is saving it for last. A little corner work with new metal, some bondo, alot of sanding, some more bondo, more sanding. You get the idea.

When they are primer I will give some more pics up for the Edsel nuts

Also, we where lucky enough to find a Edsel collector in northern Minnesota, so this Saturday we will be going up to see what we can buy. Right now, it looks like we may be able to score a complete rear body section/shell for 500 clams. Sweeeeeet


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