Monday, December 26, 2005

Where did the body go?

Call the cops, someone stole the body. Wait, no, I just took it off and forgot to mention it to anyone. A busy tailend of the month and we have the body off the frame. The tub looks pretty rough and by most standards would be called junk by some in its current condition but sentimental value makes people do funny things.

Frame looks fantastic for being in Wisconsin all its life and getting a lot of miles piled on for a car that old. Work on it will start in the spring, when it is warmer out. Right now I really don't feel like freezing my nuts off sandblasting the frame. In the meantime work on the body, there is enough of it, and start work on the motor and trans.

Also the adventure begins to find repair and replacement pieces to fix the body and shell.

Til' next time

Friday, December 09, 2005

Update, if you call it a update

It's been a busy month work wise. Winter in full force and cars breaking down has keeped us from working on the Edsel.

We did manage to get all the doors off finally. Front fenders and the front bumper and grill assembly are also off.

Next we will get ready to pop the body off the chassis. Until then, work,work,work, and more work.