Friday, October 28, 2005


Remember it? Over the past weekend I picked up Brock Yates book "Cannonball" at Barnes and Noble while ordering some Edsel material.

I've always been a fan of Yates writing. His opinion on the automotive world usually dead-on to my thinking. It's been a long time since the Cannonball in its old form has been run but since then I have been keeping up with the "One Lap of America" which is the more PC version. Where it's all official racetracks where the thrashing occurs and you must drive to each track with the car used.

Some car freaks from who knows where have a off-shot gumball rally

These dudes are way to rich for my redneck ass. Maybe if I would have won the 340 mill PowerBall I could be included but any other chance is a chance in hell. I like the General Lee Ferrari, nice touch.

The book I mentioned at the top you ask? Pretty good, a nice account from the participants on the whole idea of why it needed to be done and the adventures during the contest. Nice to see some aspects of the actual Cannonball where incorporated into the two movies made. Which are two of my favorites. So if your into automotive literature I highly recommend the book.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mr. Murphy of Murphy's law blows

I hate Murphy, he always seems to pop up when you don't need him. Of course, since parking the Edsel in the back of the shop we have been slammed with work. So nothing has been done yet. Always works this way. Every time a project is in a new phase or undergoing something big we get busy as hell. Whoever catches and "takes care of" that damn Murphy will get a gold star from me.

Hopefully as the weather turns we will see some action. So the next few posts I will pump out will be about past projects, and maybe some background on the racing teams listed in the links.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A mirror removed

One of the cool things about having projects in our shop is it becomes a conversation piece. People who stop in for service will most times become curious and want to look at the cars being restored or customized. A downfall of this is they always like to "see" them with their hands, you know, walking up and touching the car, or leaning against it when they are talking to us. This is usually ok when a project is in it’s beginning stages, as the Edsel is. But over time seeing with your hands can become a problem. In the past it actually created more work for us on the Camaro. People loved to lean against the rear quarter panel. Over time it put a small dent or a pushed in area where the butt was always sitting. No biggy when it is a bad section that is being replaced but when it is a new one ready for paint you have to start being a ass and telling them to get off or stop touching it. Many times I am not around to do this so the rules get broken.

With the Edsel I have even been at fault, leaning on the front fenders talking about the car as someone else is looking at the engine. So, some of the first work I have done is to start taking off all the trim and mirrors that are in danger of being damaged. If you noticed the mirror on the Edsel is on the fender. First thing people love to play with so I have removed it and boxed it up safe and sound.

So, that is the progress report. We’ve taken a mirror and some trim off so it won’t be damaged. I won’t start biting peoples heads off yet, but when it gets real busy on the car I may have to rope it off. That or get a ruler out and smack hands like my first grade teacher did.

So, mental note, whenever you want to see a car, really, just see it, please, don’t make it the family couch. Does that make me a prick? I don’t know, maybe sometimes I come off harsh but I mean well, for the cars sake :)