Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some Edsel History

First, a big THANK YOU to the folks at www.edsel.com for mentioning this little blog in their "resurrected" section. edsel.com is a fantastic source of information for all things Edsel. THE webpage for those of us crazy enough or smart enough (depending on your take on the Edsel) to own a Edsel.

Second, history is a cool thing. My great uncle, 93 years old, and down in Florida has been passing info to us on stories about our Edsel. The tele-touch shifter took a dump sometime in the early 60's so a three speed auto trans with a floor shifter was installed. Depending on costs and availability of parts for the column shifter we may be putting it back together. Some other time in the 60's the paint and body was showing some Wisconsin salt road love. So a coat of original color put on with a brush was applied. Too cool, it actually doesn't look that bad.

We are still trying to figure out why the original trunk springs and brackets where replaced with some yellow ones. A theory floated by a friend was he was trying to avoid the trunk opening to far and hitting the boat he hauled on the roof, explaining the busted tail light. Which leads me to the reason it was stored. In 70 when he moved to Florida he parked the Pacer and bought a new Ranchero to haul everything down there. He did vacation there at times before moving there. Which explains the huge trailer hitch and 7 pin harness on the Pacer. Plus the spots for brackets on the front and rear to haul the boat on the roof.

We hope to hear back in a few days why the trunk lid was changed. We will see if the theory is true.

No real work has been done yet. Of course, since we got it to the shop we have been busy. As the snow flies though we will get cracking on it. Although a lot of beer after work, when we could have been working on the Edsel, has been drank already. If anything it is a great conversation piece.

Til next time..


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