Monday, September 12, 2005

It's to damn hot for a penguin to be walking around

Well, with 90+ degree heat the last few days our ambition level is about zero. Just to freakn' hot to be climbing around a barn trying to drag a 17ft land barge out of storage.

The 17ft land barge is our 1958 Edsel Pacer. Just imagine the titanic with wheels. When this heat breaks we will get busting on moving into sunlight which it hasn't seen since April 5th 1970. Why do I know the exact date you ask? Screwing around one day trying to figure the hood release system(don't laugh, if you haven't seen the Edsel system you won't understand) I found a Motor magazine dated January 1958. On the cover written in pencil was the words "Edsel stored April 5th 1970." To bad the time wasn't there huh? I mean c'mon, let's get the details right. Really, that is pretty rare for you to catch the day something was put away. Unless it is one of those stupid time capsules kids where asked to do in grade school. Someday people will dig those up and decide we all had nothing better to do one day.

Now I am of track. So, for your veiwing enjoyment. The beast. Sorry the pics aren't better. When it is out I'll put up some better shots.

Back to trying to make a living fixing other peoples cars, later.


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