Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Thanks for visiting. This first post will be just to touch on things this blog will have. My life as a Automotive Technician and now part-owner of a repair shop with my father which always has it's interesting moments. Whether it is with the cars we repair or the fun we try to have. Hopefully it won't bomb out and be a giant disaster.

Fun, we have it enough up here. Over the years and many a beer later we've put together some fun project cars. That we keep instead of sell off to finance the next one. They cover a large scope of the automotive world. My fathers 61' Nash Metropolitian was first. My 60' Apache Stepside Chevy pickup was second. Then came the 82' BMW 320i for autocrossing and just coming out the door a 69' Camaro.

Next in the shop will be a 1958 Edsel Pacer that has been family owned since new but in a real hurt from sitting in a barn since April 5th 1970. This will take up a large portion of future posts since it is the current project we will be doing. Every now and then I will talk about the past adventures we have had. Including some of our customers special cars.

It's beer o'clock, later


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