Thursday, September 22, 2005

Edsel, Edsel, Edsel

The recovery effort was a complete success. First try didn't go perfect but we situated the Edsel so it was ready to be put on a flat bed and hauled in. With 35 years of bird shit and mouse turds waiting to be pressure washed off. After unloading the car on a hoist the left rear drum needed to be cut off so the car would roll. After that, back outside for a bath which took about a hour to do. Now it sits tucked away in it's home for a period of time yet to be determined. Maybe three, four years of work ahead to put it back on the road in "like new" condition.

First order of business will be firing the engine up just to see if it is still in a generally good condition. The engine never siezed and turned very easy. Oil, water, all stayed full over the entire time it sat. Which was a surprise. I was sure the Antifreeze would have drained out over that long of a time but it sat untouched and inside so luck struck there. Pull the plugs, oil the cylinders to help bring some compression up fast. Then points, cap, rotor and a fuel line to a seperate tank. If it fires off that is a great sign that engine work won't be a worst case scenario.

Body wise we have some work in the rear. Both rear quarters are rough. New metal will be in order. Front is in great shape so just some body work there. Frame, chassis, also in great shape with no major problems expected. Interior is dirty, some rough spots from the mice who are now homeless. Beyond that a list and inventory will have to be started to see what will be needed. Wish us luck

Off to work on customer cars..


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