Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Camaro coming back?

The Camaro. It’s like a asshole. Everyone has one, ok, not everyone. But if you mention the name "Camaro" or mention you own one to someone else you are sure to hear a story about…

"My brother, who married his third cousin. No, wait, that is my dad, anyway. The brother, you know, the one who listens to Poison all the time and has the mullet. He has a 86’ Iroc with T-tops that could kick everyone’s ass."

Now, before the hate starts spewing. I own a Camaro. A 69’ to be exact. It’s that blue one sitting up top of this post. So I am free and clear to rip the hell out of the dude in the Iroc. Why the hell would I own one? It was a freakin’ steal when I bought it. Rolling chassis with all new metal that only set me back $1500. Now, I have a lot more in it after five long years of fixing it up. The exact amount I have in it? Ha, no way, my wife might be reading this someday and I like to keep my nuts thankyouverymuch. All that and I do think the Camaro is one of the best muscle cars built. I’ve always wanted to have one and now I do.

On to the whole reason of this post. Rumblings threw the net’ of the Camaro coming back into action. I first spied a photo in the speed forums a month or so ago. After some digging when I was bored I found this nice article from Popular Hotrodding.


Ok, so it may return. After making sure the world is happy and shit. The union doesn’t scream to loud if the plant moves, Canada doesn’t declare war on the U.S. and the planets all line up correctly. If I had the coin I would be at the dealer now hoping to get one. It does look sweet.

And over at Autoblog this article also touches on the maro’s future. Pretty sweet ride if I do say so.



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