Thursday, September 15, 2005

And more Camaro stuff,

Ever wrap your 69' around a tree? Either because the little lady was giving you a good one, the guy in the lane over is a shitty drag racer, or you where drunker than a sailor on shore leave. Well, the world just got better if you keeped the wreck and hoped to rebuild it somehow. Or if you have always wanted to build a 69' from the ground up and can't find what your looking for.

Old news, but some still don't know. these dudes have come up with a killer idea that makes the whole muscle car scene seem reborn. Go ahead, grab your Visa or refinance the house to plunk down the money for whatever your heart desires. Imagine being able to buy a turnkey 69' convertible ready to drive, or pick up one in whatever state of restoration you like.

Clicking on the manufacturing link, then published articles you can see some great articles from Hot Rod and Super Chevy also tell the tale that this could just be the beginning. Ever wished for a Mustang, Cuda', maybe even a AMC but the damn muscle car market has driven prices threw the roof? It may just happen if things go well with the Camaro shells.

Back to work.


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