Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some Edsel History

First, a big THANK YOU to the folks at www.edsel.com for mentioning this little blog in their "resurrected" section. edsel.com is a fantastic source of information for all things Edsel. THE webpage for those of us crazy enough or smart enough (depending on your take on the Edsel) to own a Edsel.

Second, history is a cool thing. My great uncle, 93 years old, and down in Florida has been passing info to us on stories about our Edsel. The tele-touch shifter took a dump sometime in the early 60's so a three speed auto trans with a floor shifter was installed. Depending on costs and availability of parts for the column shifter we may be putting it back together. Some other time in the 60's the paint and body was showing some Wisconsin salt road love. So a coat of original color put on with a brush was applied. Too cool, it actually doesn't look that bad.

We are still trying to figure out why the original trunk springs and brackets where replaced with some yellow ones. A theory floated by a friend was he was trying to avoid the trunk opening to far and hitting the boat he hauled on the roof, explaining the busted tail light. Which leads me to the reason it was stored. In 70 when he moved to Florida he parked the Pacer and bought a new Ranchero to haul everything down there. He did vacation there at times before moving there. Which explains the huge trailer hitch and 7 pin harness on the Pacer. Plus the spots for brackets on the front and rear to haul the boat on the roof.

We hope to hear back in a few days why the trunk lid was changed. We will see if the theory is true.

No real work has been done yet. Of course, since we got it to the shop we have been busy. As the snow flies though we will get cracking on it. Although a lot of beer after work, when we could have been working on the Edsel, has been drank already. If anything it is a great conversation piece.

Til next time..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Edsel, Edsel, Edsel

The recovery effort was a complete success. First try didn't go perfect but we situated the Edsel so it was ready to be put on a flat bed and hauled in. With 35 years of bird shit and mouse turds waiting to be pressure washed off. After unloading the car on a hoist the left rear drum needed to be cut off so the car would roll. After that, back outside for a bath which took about a hour to do. Now it sits tucked away in it's home for a period of time yet to be determined. Maybe three, four years of work ahead to put it back on the road in "like new" condition.

First order of business will be firing the engine up just to see if it is still in a generally good condition. The engine never siezed and turned very easy. Oil, water, all stayed full over the entire time it sat. Which was a surprise. I was sure the Antifreeze would have drained out over that long of a time but it sat untouched and inside so luck struck there. Pull the plugs, oil the cylinders to help bring some compression up fast. Then points, cap, rotor and a fuel line to a seperate tank. If it fires off that is a great sign that engine work won't be a worst case scenario.

Body wise we have some work in the rear. Both rear quarters are rough. New metal will be in order. Front is in great shape so just some body work there. Frame, chassis, also in great shape with no major problems expected. Interior is dirty, some rough spots from the mice who are now homeless. Beyond that a list and inventory will have to be started to see what will be needed. Wish us luck

Off to work on customer cars..

Thursday, September 15, 2005

And more Camaro stuff,

Ever wrap your 69' around a tree? Either because the little lady was giving you a good one, the guy in the lane over is a shitty drag racer, or you where drunker than a sailor on shore leave. Well, the world just got better if you keeped the wreck and hoped to rebuild it somehow. Or if you have always wanted to build a 69' from the ground up and can't find what your looking for.

Old news, but some still don't know. http://www.camarobody.com/index.html these dudes have come up with a killer idea that makes the whole muscle car scene seem reborn. Go ahead, grab your Visa or refinance the house to plunk down the money for whatever your heart desires. Imagine being able to buy a turnkey 69' convertible ready to drive, or pick up one in whatever state of restoration you like.

Clicking on the manufacturing link, then published articles you can see some great articles from Hot Rod and Super Chevy also tell the tale that this could just be the beginning. Ever wished for a Mustang, Cuda', maybe even a AMC but the damn muscle car market has driven prices threw the roof? It may just happen if things go well with the Camaro shells.

Back to work.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Camaro coming back?

The Camaro. It’s like a asshole. Everyone has one, ok, not everyone. But if you mention the name "Camaro" or mention you own one to someone else you are sure to hear a story about…

"My brother, who married his third cousin. No, wait, that is my dad, anyway. The brother, you know, the one who listens to Poison all the time and has the mullet. He has a 86’ Iroc with T-tops that could kick everyone’s ass."

Now, before the hate starts spewing. I own a Camaro. A 69’ to be exact. It’s that blue one sitting up top of this post. So I am free and clear to rip the hell out of the dude in the Iroc. Why the hell would I own one? It was a freakin’ steal when I bought it. Rolling chassis with all new metal that only set me back $1500. Now, I have a lot more in it after five long years of fixing it up. The exact amount I have in it? Ha, no way, my wife might be reading this someday and I like to keep my nuts thankyouverymuch. All that and I do think the Camaro is one of the best muscle cars built. I’ve always wanted to have one and now I do.

On to the whole reason of this post. Rumblings threw the net’ of the Camaro coming back into action. I first spied a photo in the speed forums a month or so ago. After some digging when I was bored I found this nice article from Popular Hotrodding.


Ok, so it may return. After making sure the world is happy and shit. The union doesn’t scream to loud if the plant moves, Canada doesn’t declare war on the U.S. and the planets all line up correctly. If I had the coin I would be at the dealer now hoping to get one. It does look sweet.

And over at Autoblog this article also touches on the maro’s future. Pretty sweet ride if I do say so.


Monday, September 12, 2005

It's to damn hot for a penguin to be walking around

Well, with 90+ degree heat the last few days our ambition level is about zero. Just to freakn' hot to be climbing around a barn trying to drag a 17ft land barge out of storage.

The 17ft land barge is our 1958 Edsel Pacer. Just imagine the titanic with wheels. When this heat breaks we will get busting on moving into sunlight which it hasn't seen since April 5th 1970. Why do I know the exact date you ask? Screwing around one day trying to figure the hood release system(don't laugh, if you haven't seen the Edsel system you won't understand) I found a Motor magazine dated January 1958. On the cover written in pencil was the words "Edsel stored April 5th 1970." To bad the time wasn't there huh? I mean c'mon, let's get the details right. Really, that is pretty rare for you to catch the day something was put away. Unless it is one of those stupid time capsules kids where asked to do in grade school. Someday people will dig those up and decide we all had nothing better to do one day.

Now I am of track. So, for your veiwing enjoyment. The beast. Sorry the pics aren't better. When it is out I'll put up some better shots.

Back to trying to make a living fixing other peoples cars, later.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Spotty the shop dog

If anyone is even wondering, here is where the "dog" comes from. Spotty the 6th is the shop dog who roams the premises, keeping nothing at bay and eating everything he can find.

Spotty the 6th Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Thanks for visiting. This first post will be just to touch on things this blog will have. My life as a Automotive Technician and now part-owner of a repair shop with my father which always has it's interesting moments. Whether it is with the cars we repair or the fun we try to have. Hopefully it won't bomb out and be a giant disaster.

Fun, we have it enough up here. Over the years and many a beer later we've put together some fun project cars. That we keep instead of sell off to finance the next one. They cover a large scope of the automotive world. My fathers 61' Nash Metropolitian was first. My 60' Apache Stepside Chevy pickup was second. Then came the 82' BMW 320i for autocrossing and just coming out the door a 69' Camaro.

Next in the shop will be a 1958 Edsel Pacer that has been family owned since new but in a real hurt from sitting in a barn since April 5th 1970. This will take up a large portion of future posts since it is the current project we will be doing. Every now and then I will talk about the past adventures we have had. Including some of our customers special cars.

It's beer o'clock, later